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Build branded registration pages, event sites, and communications. Run reports. Integrate your other event software bffs. Do it all without pulling your hair out.


Why stop at one tier? Swoogo offers unlimited layers of conditional logic, on every page, every object, and every form.

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A form-to-table event marketing solution.

From registration to following up, we've got what you need to make your event an online icon.

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Stefanie Moon, Type A Events

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Enough with waiting around for the graphics department. Swoogo is the only tool with a drag-and-drop event email builder.


Friends should be free. We never charge for integrations, and we’re happy to let you connect what you need through our open API.


Robust functionality with a 100% 0-Hair Loss Guarantee, plus the most loved support team in the game.


Per user pricing just makes sense when you run events at scale. Our per user pricing is the most cost effective on the market.